I am happy to recommend John Kolbrich and www.LoveYourMusicSchool.com.

I had been searching for a solution for registering students and having them pay for services in one cloud-based software program. It was more difficult than it seemed - I was using at least six different programs at the time to accomplish what I needed. Clients were falling through the cracks. It seemed like every system could do something, but not everything I needed.

I stumbled upon John's website, www.LoveYourMusicSchool.com and I was very happy to find that there is someone in the music education business who not only found a solution, but is knowledgeable, easy-to-talk-to, and a good teacher, who can explain how MindBody works, and how it can help me.

While I continue to use Mindbody and learn the ongoing benefits of the program, John has been supportive and helps with minute details for a smoother operation. For example, the program sends out as many auto-emails that you'd like - "Welcome" emails, "Thank you for your payment" emails, "How was your first lesson" emails, "appointment reminder" emails, and my favorite, "Happy Birthday" emails. I don't have to remember to do any of those myself. :) John has helped me figure out which features would benefit our business, and our clients.

Using Mindbody for Brighter Minds Music has reduced the headaches in client management, so I can concentrate on other things. If you are interested to streamline the business-end of your school, give John a call, and you'll be on your way to love your music school again.

Emily Ireland, director
Brighter Minds Music


Emily Ireland,
director, teacher