Direct mail has never been this much fun! We call it Marketing on Steriods!


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Samples of some of our recent Post Cards 



Samples of "Google Follow me Remarketing Ads" which at last count had 150,000 impressions on peoples desktops! 

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We believe in the use of direct mail marketing as one of our focuses on bringing in new clinets/students to our business. We have tried a few direct mail campaigns in the past and have had low repsonse and a poor ROI on our investment. We became a Postcardmania client in November 2012 and believe we have found a truely outstanding company that has some very unique products that seperates them from most other providers of postcard products. In April 2013 we decided to partner with Postcardmania and refer them to other music businesses to share our sights and success. 


First of all, this company is run by a wonderful lady, Joy Gendusa.  She has built a  marketing machine using direct mail and has over 50,000 clients and 200 employees providing full, one-stop service. They can provide the design, screened mailing lists based on exactly where you want them, printing, addressing, postage, mailing and storage of future mailings and more.


In addtion to the full complement of services, they have a secret weapon that you will want to use! It's called Mail 2.0 and for a small addtional fee (about $.08/card) you get full mail tracking, a dedicated local or toll free number, and a control panel on their website that records and documents mailing, every call (recordings can be played back for review and training of staff), and all the web impressions your ad is seeing. This lets you know exactly how many calls your cards are bringing in, and you can use this data to see what your real ROI is based on your conversion of inbound calls and web requests. You can also do some  "stealth marketing" by using the call dashboard to view calls that were not completed (they hang up and do not leave a message).  You can see this right on the screen and just call them right back (they are always suprised and impressed when you do this!). You get reports that show call trending and dates of call intensity etc. We find this tool invaluable after using it.


In addition to this you also get a Google feature called "Google Remarketing" which really helps the longevity of your mail campaign, as anyone that visits your website will have a cookie attached to their ID which then follows them as they visit other websites and then randomly shows them your ad gently remind them to sign up, or call or come in! You may have seen this technology in action yourself already, as you perhaps visit a site for a keyboard or guitar, then then you'll be somewhere else and that ad magically appears on your browser.  That's this same powerful technology you get with Mail 2.0!!


We have found that by using Mail 2.0, along with the awesome designs and key messages that Postcardmania's creative department comes up with, it really increases our ROI on the direct mail everytime we do a mailing. Again, Mail 2.0 is an option, but once you try it, you will never want to be without it as it gives you the vision and control that are not possible otherwise. 



Case study of Music School "iSchool Music & Art"  an educational music and art school for children and adults located in Port Washington and Syosset, Long Island, New York. Meet owner Ken Benshish as he discusses his experience with Postcardmania 




Case Study "Playtime Music Studios" a Central Florida business dedicated to helping children prepare for learning through the Kindermusik™ program.


Case Study "Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service" sells Broadway and event tickets to the public since 1987. 

Postcardmania has a dedicated rep for the Music Industry related businesss, who you can contact directly (You can also fill out the general request info form on our Contact us Page)

Our dedicated Music Rep is:

Samantha Heald

Postcardmania Music Team

Ph (800) 628-1804 X 226


Samantha is located at their Cleawater, FL Corporate HQ 





Postcardmania founder and owner Joy Degusa



PostcardMania has Teamed up with Avalon School & Music Center to bring Marketing Solutions to the Music Education & Retail Industry

Since being founded by Joy Gendusa in 1998, PostcardMania has been an innovative marketing force for small to medium-sized businesses across the country.

First, we innovated the entire direct mail business, by working for the benefit of our clients, not just our pockets. Instead of hoarding our marketing knowledge, we gave it away for free, publishing hundreds of articles online for anyone to learn from long before anyone else did. In addition to that, we began tracking the results of our clients’ campaigns, to make sure they were satisfied and help us understand what strategies produce the most results.


In fact, we’re still the only direct mail marketing company that does that. And now, 14 years and 50,000+ clients later, we have a peerless database of successful results for hundreds of industries. That’s why we can say we’re the only company that has proven results and can actually back it up.

As we grew, and learned more about what it took to grow PostcardMania we knew we had to offer those services that were catapulting our own growth. We began writing integrated marketing campaigns for our clients and delivering them as well.

So rather than a client needing to go through 3 or 4 businesses to get a mailing out, a landing page up, a website built and drip campaigns to the leads generated we put it all together for them.

Our referral partner in the Music School, Academy, and Retail Industries is The Avalon School & Music Center. Owners John & Philip Kolbrich have successfully been using our products and services themselves to promote and grow their three Music Schools/Retail locations providing 800 weekly lessons with 50 instructors in the Orlando, FL area. We are both committed to helping your business with creative ideas, solid marketing, and a love for the music industry to help you increase your revenues and bottom lines on a local to national level.

We believe in business, and we believe in marketing. Let us help you achieve the results you desire. 


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