Meet Marty Fort! An amazing teacher/educator, business owner, entrepreneur, and family man! Working with school and studio owners across the US, Canada, and around the world.

Founder and Developer of the MASS System, Mr. Marty Fort

We are just one of many, many clients who use and believe in the MASS System, To learn more and see/hear a lot of tesitmonials from schools and academies of all sizes  visit: 

Ask any athlete if they have a coach? Almost all will say yes! We feel the same and have found investing in a good coach can make an amazing difference in our success! We have been working with Marty Fort and his MASS System as our schools business coach and mentor since Nov. 2010... What impressed us most is when we first purchased the MASS System package of "blueprints", reading the section on Website must haves, we made one small change to our website in late Dec 2010 and that resulted in 35 new students in January that we would never have acquired.. WOW! That one item that we had overlooked, even after having years of experience in the business, just paid for the entire MASS system!" Since we started, we have called on Marty for advice and help in some one-on-one sessions, and we have to say, after each call, we feel more motivated, positive, and ready to take on the problem or issue with a lot more enthusiasm than before! Marty has a very positive energy about him and a way of helping us see out of the "box" and give us some clear and frank business advise that honestly we could see on our own. Much of this has to do with his direct hands on experience as a school director running his own schools. He rolls up his sleeves and his flair for business is what really sets him apart. If you do not have a business coach that understands you and your business, we would highly recommend you contacting Marty and taking advantage of the hard work (and continuing efforts) he poured into the MASS System!

Mass has an annual conference, this past year it was at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. These are 2-3 day events where great new ideas are disucssed, shared and the whole spirit of the event is to help all the Schools, Academies and Retailers with Lesson programs, build their business model to be as sucessful, profitable and fun as possible. The Mass System is based on a very detailed and easy to follow (full of direct usable examples) "Blue Print", subdived in to key operational and marketing realted areas that a music education businesss needs to understand. Marty has used and tested these ideas and systems within his own businesses and can speak candidly of how and why they work. The annual MASS Conference is a very focused event. Marty is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who is very passionate and caring about what he does. Being a pro musican and educator having started a school as a single operator/teacher, he understands what many of us in the business have gone through, and we have found him to be a very positive and confidence boosting coach when called up for help with critical decisions etc. (He provides various levels of one-on-one and group coaching on an ongoing basis).

2013 Mass Conference- What Music School and Academy Owners are saying!


Testimonials and Referrals!

Karen Suedmeier
Loveland Piano Academy
Loveland, Colorado

I operated a small piano studio for several years, and while I enjoyed teaching my students, it was never very profitable. I wondered what I was doing wrong and wished I could talk with other people in the same situation. So when I found out about Marty Fort and his Music Academy Success program, I was thrilled! 

When I started the program, I really never dreamed that my studio would be doing so well and growing like crazy. Who would have believed that a SUMMER month – June 2012 – would be our biggest month ever? We have doubled our student enrollment in the last year, and tripled our net profits in the same time frame. This is proof that MASS works, and it is worth every penny.

Our net profit in June was 300% of what it was the previous year!

Marty gave me clear, simple guidelines to make my studio as successful and profitable as I want it to be. 

Just a few of the benefits have included: 

• Creative ways to work with unique students and families
• Designing a distinctive personality for my studio
• Effective marketing tactics that work for ME
• Access to an amazing network of other successful studio owners throughout the country

I have appreciated the knowledge that Marty's time-tested, outside-the-box advice is accessible anytime I have questions or concerns via the membership site. 

We not only kept most of our students for the summer, but grew! 

I love having the marketing examples provided by Marty and all of the other studio owners. They save me hours that I might have spent designing my own fliers and newsletters. THANK YOU!

Marty is encouraging and inspirational; he gives you the information and tools you need to make your studio into your dream business. 

I would definitely recommend Music Academy Success to anyone in the music education business... and I feel the clear, concise, business strategies would benefit professionals in many other industries as well.

Thanks for everything, Marty!


Jen Hickle 
Signature School of Music
Rogers, MN

After 13 years of attempting to run and grow my business by myself, MASS has been the catapult to launch my school of music to the next level of growth and revenue faster than I ever dreamed possible. 

Our enrollment has grown by 77% year to year!

MASS has “popped” all the imaginary bubbles filled with question marks above my head, and allowed me to confidently march into the future, expending my energy on what works instead of wondering if I am doing the right thing. The MASS manual, the monthly Gold calls, and the one-on-one calls have been my lifeline. I equate the MASS system to going back to college for another degree—and worth every moment of study and hard work. 

I cannot thank Marty enough for the growth of my business. And we have only just begun!!

Download this MP3 to hear how Jen in her own words was able to grow her business and become a finalist in our 2012 MASS Music School of the Year contest! 


Steve South
Frisco School of Music
Frisco, Texas 

Well I had my doubts, but you have given me information that I can use that I wasn't getting elsewhere or finding on my own.

It really only takes one good idea that you can implement to pay for the cost of the program and I found several things that I could put in place right off the bat.


Jeff McKee
Allegro School of Music
Tucson, Arizona 

My business partner and I operated our music studio for ten years and nothing had significantly changed since the second year. We were working long hours every day, marketing inconsistently and when the phones actually DID ring we were either teaching or too tired from teaching and dealing with client issues to return the calls.

We had tried everything imaginable and read a shelf full of books offering suggestions. 

The great thing about Marty is that he gave us specifics;names, phone numbers, and a very precise to-do list that addressed and improved every facet of our studio and gave quick, tangible results.

He helped transform our studio from two guys who had created labor intensive jobs for themselves into a thriving business that operates even in our absence. In fact, when my daughter was born I didn't step foot into the office for a month and instead of losing money we actually grew!

Within three months of following Marty's advice we were full and in need of more teaching space. 

• In two years we have more than doubled our enrollment from 90 students to
over 300! 

• We have made a gross profit of over $375,000 per year since joining M.A.S.S. up from $85,000 per year before we became members. 

• We've cut our teaching hours in half (down to fifteen hours per week), virtually eliminated the stress, and expanded again (from five teaching studios to nine)!

Now we have more time to devote to improving the school and are watching contently as our services continue to improve and parents and students are more and more satisfied.


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