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Are you tired of having to work with multiple systems, or one that just can’t do everything you want it to?

Do you want to minimize scheduling errors and confusion with simple drag & drop scheduling and automated emails? How about using a user-friendly retail screen for all your sales and an integrated auto-pay system that sets up your future clients billing in less than 3 seconds? Do you want to be able to generate all kinds of reports that can help track client referrals and retention, marketing ROI, and simplifies your teacher’s pay-tracking and Employee Time Clock with just the click of a few buttons? What if you could have a system that could do it all AND save you money every month? 


Meet MINDBODY Online, a completely customizable software for all of your music school’s retail and students needs. Currently almost 500 Music Schools/Academies/Retailers are using MINDBODY online in the US and Canada. In addition, MINDBODY supports over 50,000 Yoga Studios, Personal Fitness Centers, Salons, and other businesses around the world, all using the great features and support MINDBODY Online offers everyday!


Avalon & Orlando Schools of Music located in Orlando, FL have been a user of MINDBODY Online and a Proud Business Partner since August 2011. We can show you what and how we use MINDBODY in our everyday operations. It saves us time, money, and work everyday, so we decided to help other music business owners by promoting this solution to music schools, academies and retailers with lesson programs around the world.


We can make this very bold statement to you: there is nothing else on the market that even comes close to the capabilities that an integrated MINDBODY solution can offer and we believe that this is the best software you will find to run and manage your music business! If you are looking to improve everything about your business while reducing costs and increasing profits, using MINDBODY Online will provide you with the solid foundation you will need to do so! We created this site, to introduce, educate, and help you learn more about this dynamic solution AND GET YOU LOVING YOUR MUSIC SCHOOL AGAIN.


Based online, using the latest cloud technology, MINDBODY can be accessed anywhere at any time without having to rely on a specific computer. Its web-based capabilities are extensive and updates, backups and upgrades happen instantaneously and across the board. You can create low-cost Point of Sale systems using off the shelf USB connected swipes, scanners, cash drawers, etc. They offer a free app that you can get a cardswipe for and have virtual checkout terminals right in your hand... it all feeds back to the cloud and happens instantaneously! 

MINDBODY software offers many features that we have found we cannot live without, now that they have been implemented. They continue to add and improve valuable features to all of their 30,000 user's benefit at no additional cost on an almost monthly basis.


As a MINDBODY Business Partner we can offer new users a special deal exclusively through us: you can receive your first two months free when you click here or specify you heard about MINDBODY from us.  


Below we will show you some quick and direct examples of how this awesome software works and how easy it is to use. 

Intro to MINDBODY Online at the Avalon School of Music- Dashboard

Intro to basic Login and Dashboard key features

This video shows how simple it is to create/modify a teacher's daily/              weekly schedule. 

 How easy it is to add/edit a Teacher/ Lesson time slot on the Scheduling                                program? Lesson times are not added one at a time, they are added in                                        blocks of time for each specific teacher in on a specifc day. Time slots are                                broken down to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes and are dynamically                                                   created and changed as needed.


We allow our new students to register online, and our existing students are allowed to view and edit information such as billing and contact information right from their computer or smartphone. An automated email is sent to both the teacher and the student when a schedule change is made, reducing the risk of confusion, saving us time and frustration if someone forgets what was said on a phone call or in person.

Using MINDBODY Online to enter a new Music Student

Once you have added a student to the schedule and they come in for their lesson we do what is called a "check out" proceedure. This is done by hovering over the student on the schedule and clicking the “check out” button. This automatically applies payment to the teacher and subtracts the balance on the student's account. You instantly know if someone is missing a payment as the check out procedure acts as your "gatekeeper" with a window that pops up letting you know monies are owed or information is missing. Since managers share the desk, each person working is auto-prompted, so nothing is missed between staffing with written notes or reminders. The system can helps us run a very tight ship and make sure everyone is paid or about to pay!

Using MINDBODY Online to add a student to the lessons schedule

How easy it is to add/edit a Student Lesson time slot on the Scheduling program? John walks you through the basics of adding a student to the schools schedule and how to change their appointment time on the fly. Keep in mind whenever there is a change, you can set the sytem to automatically send out a confirming email to the parent/student and teacher.

The basics of how easy it is to sell a retail item with the Mindbody Online System.


Toolbox: manage teacher schedules, edit product & service information

Clients: look up and edit information about prospects, active & inactive clients

Reports: billing, client address map, retail sales/inventory, financials, staff, and marketing

Payment Processing: batch, review & edit transactions, auto pay details




There are many customizable reports to extract operational key performance indicators and trends (these are the essential indicators that you have been waiting for)
  • Live Revenue Figures over a three year rolling average
  • GeoAnalytics® Client Address Map: Pinpoint target neighborhoods of existing clients to maximize advertising dollars for mailers, etc.
  • Intricate Retention Figures
  • Many, many more
Any report that you want to run frequently can be stored as a shortcut on your Dashboard (home screen)

This is a HUGE benefit and MINDBODY is one of the few software companies in their class that has this extensive network of add on features and partners! You will learn that MINDBODY becomes your central data base and it can automatically share information, with specific 3rd party applications that tie in via an Application Progam Integration Data Base link. This sounds complicated and it use to be, but MINDBODY has made this a snap to add!

Included with every MINDBOY account, you receive a free 500 e-mail Constant Contact subscription. 

We also use Perkville Rewards and have created our own customized rewards program where students earn points toward free things that we specify (Moms love this! Think Starbucks rewards). 

Every time a student takes a lesson we give them 10 points. When they refer a student they get 50 points, when they give us love on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) they get 10 or 20 points. When they reach 250 points they can redeem credit toward a free extra lesson, recital or festival fee. Perkville keeps track of all this and just gives you daily reports so once it's set up, it runs itself!


Listen 360 - A great way to get real time feedback and reviews from all our clients. Once this is set up, it happens automatically for as often as you set the parameters. 

Live Edit- This is our website integration partner (click here to learn more)

Envision This: Someone requests info or registers for lessons on our Live Edit Website, their info flows directly into MINDBODY, and from there it automatically flows out to Constant Contact, Perkville, and Listen 360. If we make a change, say an update to an e-mail in MINDBODY, that change automatically gets made on all the other sites! This is the future!!


These API partners have helped turn our MINDBODY system into a marketing and communications machine that helps us leap frog our competition hands down!



MINDBODY software has successfully been implemented in our three music schools, serving over 800 students taking private and group lessons. With minor tweaking and adjustments, the software can be applied to virtually any music school/academy/retail business as primary software to run the entire business! 

MINDBODY is the most user-friendly, cost-effective software available for music schools/academies on the market today. As a MINDBODY Business Partner we can offer new users a special deal exclusively through us: you can request a live demo and receive your first month free as a thank you when you click here. 

To learn more about our successful experience with MINDBODY Online, and to get help determining whether the product is right for you, give John a call at 407-497-2654 between 9am and 8pm EST.

See a full 1 hour National Webinar that was presented in June 2014 



Meet your MINDBODY Online dedicated Music Rep: Kristen Cinalli

If you'd like to talk to MINDBODY right away, we have a dedicated Music Business Account Rep available. Please call or email Kristen Cinalli

at (805) 419-2826, email She is based at their Long Island NY office, has worked with many of the 200 Music related businesses using MINDBODY to run their operations, and would be happy to help you set up a personal demo right on your desktop via Webex, and answer any questions you may have. You're going to love working with her!