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Dedicated to helping YOU, the Business Owner, Director, or Manager of your Music School, Academy, or Retail Center!


Have more fun, more free time, less stress, and make more money, all while giving your customers the "Wow Experience" they deserve! 


We created this site to freely share with you some great companies, products & services that we've use, work with, and have built a very positive relationship with. We use their products and services on a daily basis in our four music schools with over 1000 students, 80 teachers producing 45,000 lessons a year in Orlando, FL and generating over $1M in revenue.  These are companies that are National and even Worldwide, so you can use them almost anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe and beyond! Some of these companies have not speciically marketed to the Music Industry but have a product or service that our industry can really use.  They bring significant value and hard dollar ROI to our schools every day.  These companies have all been very easy to work with, are responsive, very helpful and knowledgable through the sales, implementation process, and have great ongoing support once up and running.  


We talk to studio and school owners every day that tell us, "Wow I have been looking for this software for a long time, probably years".  We say the same thing! Some of them we discovered by accident, some we got a Postcard from just like you may have received one from us! Needless to say, we felt compelled to share the value that each of these companies offer us. They provide unique, services or game-changing technologies and ideas from outside the music school/retail world that work really well for our kind of business model.  We have met the owners and founders of these companies in person and they are great people doing amazing things within their own companies. They have asked us to help introduce them into the Music School, Academy, retail industry because we have the expeience and success both with their products and within our peer group to speak with confidence about how well they work and the positive results we are seeing. 


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Owners, Musicians, and School Directors Phiip (left) and John Kolbrich (right)


We are here to answer your questions or talk to you directly about any of the companies we are recommending, and what and how we are using them to give our music schools the total competative edge!

Since starting this venture in late 2011, we have helped over 300 Music Schools, Academies, and Retailers like yours across the US and Canada. Many owners have told us over and over again, "Thanks so much for sending us a post card and reaching out by letting us know about the MINDBODY solution".... That has inspired us further and we'd like to help you too! 

Please feel free to contact us about anything! We understand the business, and can give you insights and advise you will not find anywhere else.  Please note that what we have implemented at our schools did not happen over night! It started several years ago and we approached it with caution as you should too... We can help you see the end result and give you the inside knowledge and possible roadmap that we wished someone had told us about!  

Proud Winner of the 2013 NAMM Top 100 Dealer of the Year Award "Music Makes a Difference" Category  

Web-based music school software featuring: private & group lesson management, online registration and billing.







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